Tom Dixon X IKEA X UTS
Workshop 30 and 31 May 2018

IKEA has partnered with British designer Tom Dixon to create DELAKTIG, an aluminium open source “platform for living”. In the spirit of challenging design conventions and the upholstery industry, DELAKTIG is designed to be changed to suit your life.

The DELAKTIG range is not just a sofa and an armchair. IKEA and Tom Dixon also designed clever accessories and add-ons to complement the platform. These can be combined in multiple ways to suit different looks, activities and lifestyles.

DELAKTIG, the Swedish word for “involvement”, is largely about collaboration. To bring this to life, IKEA is working with 8 design students from Interior Architecture and Product Design from the University of Technology, Sydney to challenge the design norms and work with them to come up with their own DELAKTIG ideas. The concept is to think of DELAKTIG like a blank canvas and completely make it your own.