86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency

Redfern is the suburb it is today due to the many urban transformations it has undergone. The most significant erasure being the declaration of “terra nullius” by Captain Cook in 1770. Since then, agricultural, industrial, low income housing and now highly sought after residential addresses have been the label for Redfern. European occupation of Australia, and specifically Redfern has been a mere blip in time compared to that of the traditional owners of the land, the Eora Nation. There is the need to respectfully preserve and acknowledge the past across multiple scales of time.

The Eveleigh Railway Yards was one of the biggest employers of Aboriginal people living in Sydney during the time of it’s operations. Building on the aspirations of the City of Sydney’s ‘Eora Journey Economic Development Plan’ and Urban Growth’s ‘Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation Strategy’, the studio seeks to adaptively reuse the existing suburban car workshop to house new co-working spaces, art studios, galleries and community spaces.

Various techniques of diagramming, iterative model making and documentation will be explored under the framework of a ‘design via enquiry’ model of design practice. Theme’s of adaptive reuse and heritage conservation will be explored in the studio to test the potential of the given site.