Micro Apartments & Community Living
86529: Inhabitations

Cities facilitate the exchange of goods and ideas. Modern transport and communications have decentralised and diluted this function but people still need centres where they can socialise and meet face to face. Social media allow many people to have jobs where they can work from home in any location, which  can be advantageous for a healthy life/work balance but working in isolation reduces the possibilities for serendipitous encounters with others engaged in related occupations and limits immersion in the creative ‘buzz’ of the city. It is becoming increasingly common for workers to ‘lodge’ with inner city families during part of the week, when they may meet with clients, consultants or suppliers, and return ‘home’ (sometimes interstate) for the weekends.

Traditional inner city workers’ housing was usually very small and overcrowded with limited cooking and bathing facilities so residents used local pubs for socialising, bakeries for roasting and bath-houses and laundries for washing. This created a close knit community. Living in modern multi-story apartment blocks with large living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and internal laundries doesn’t facilitate this type of engagement and life can be lonely. This studio will explore ideas for new models for dense inner city living that enable possibilities for a degree of cooperative communal living.

BIO: Mike Day is a lecturer in the Interior & Spatial Design Course where he has been teaching lighting, ergonomics, human behavior and sceneography subjects since 2000. He also runs the Master of Design in Lighting Design course. Over a period of 45 years his international architecture, interiors and lighting design practice has completed over 200 projects in 11 countries. He has also designed exhibitions, events, plays, operas and films in England, Nigeria, SE Asia and Australia. He was one of the instigators of the first Vivid/Smart Light Sydney Festival and is the lighting director for the very successful Beams Festival held every September in Chippendale, Sydney