Global Studio: Mexico : 88621 : SMR Global Studio A

MERIDA (Mexico) – Gonzalo Valiente (5th to 16th of December ) 


The Merida Global Studio will run in the first half of December 2016. It is open to student from all years in ISD.

Post Exotic Domesticity is a 2 week global studio that will take place in Mérida, capital city of the Mexican state of Yucatán and one of the first cultural landscapes that witnessed early steps of globalization.  During two weeks students will participate in a three-staged exercise. During stage one, with technical support from local experts, students will identify and explain spatial transformations in traditional models of domesticity as a consequence of the evolving relation between Merida’s metropolitan area and the global process.

In Stage two , students will focus their attention in the current spatial transformations that are taking place in Merida’s domestic landscapes as a result of an international gentrification starred by global citizens attracted by the exoticism of Yucatecan culture and lower standard of living.

Stage Three will operate as a production of critical speculations. Students will produce some radical speculations on potential future evolutions of the domestic landscape, and in extension, of the cultural landscape of Metropolitan Merida.

During the full exercise students will be exposed to actual case studies, expert advice (from local experts and activists), local actors and craftsmen, indigenous communities (Mayan villages) and international inhabitants. The project is designed to help students understand the complex and deep transformations (political, social, cultural and spatial) that the historical evolution of globalization has progressively shaped within local scenarios around the world. Therefore, after the end of the exercise, students should be able to develop solid arguments when dealing with the relation between spatial design in global scenarios.

Students interested in Merida studio, should Contact Gonzalo before Wednesday 24th of August so they can be part of the mail list for First meeting: Friday 26th of August. Gonzalo will also provide a Pdf file outlining the proposed exercise to those who contact him.  Gonzalo is negotiating also the incorporation to the project of Local architecture students