Future Scape- Prototype for Perception
86529: Inhabitations

There has long been a connection between the media of film and architecture, particularly in the genre of science fiction. Films such as Inception, Cloud Atlas and Enders Game not only transform our conception of space and movement but depict the protagonist as an active architect of their surroundings. These films re-imagine the way we conceive of space and the linkage between one experience and another. Space, both cinematic and architectural, is a delicate and artistic balance of psychological and experiential factors.

Through the lens of emerging technologies, we will conceive of the building as a stage set within which a rich layering of interactions will take place. What once was conceived of by science fiction writers and communicated by film-makers, in an environment where fact and fiction could be amalgamated, is now in sight of becoming an everyday experience. Rather than alienate humans, technology is set to enhance our social connectivity and increase the numerous ways we have physical interactions.

In this studio we will examine how the nature of social technologies will change the way we interact and, consequently, the type of space we inhabit. We will ask questions like, without the luxury of physical distance, how can the mental space we need between work and life be otherwise conceived? What are the different methods for incorporating living and working spaces into an altogether unique third alternative? How can the way we perceive spaces influence the form of space, and the form of space influence the way we work and live? The transferable tectonic and compositional characteristics of spatially, temporality and narrative will be analysed using key precedents in film, painting and architecture.


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