Elective 88424 – Exhibition Design Practice
Construction and Detailing II

This elective is aimed at beginners who are interested in exploring construction details in a nonresidential context as well as students who have previously completed Construction and Detail I and would like to further their knowledge of detailing methods and industry standards. You will be working on a real life project. The client is the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown, who is looking for an interior fit out of a bus that will be used as a mobile education lab for community outreach. This bus will bring homework stations to school children as well as health and legal services into outer Sydney suburbs with a high concentration of asylum seekers.

You will be working on a detailed design concept leading to the development of building componentry, such as joinery elements, which are going to be built at 1:1 scale in the UTS workshops. Detail drawings are created to communicate the assembly of those components and elements to builders and fabricators in a contract documentation context. Classroom lectures will cover topics such as fit out and detailing methods, materials and finishes, services and fabrication methods.