86112: Heterotopia

“Of other spaces’ was concluded with what Michel Foucault considered the ‘Heterotopia par excellence’, the boat; a transient spatial volume ‘closed in on itself and at the same time given over to the infinity of the sea’ (Foucault 2009, p. 22). In 1967, at the same time when Foucault was presenting his seminal lecture, the casinos of Las Vegas spurred by the investment of major corporations were beginning to represent heterotopias of a far more radical scale.


It is the intention of this design studio to re-evaluate the casino typology as a non-for-profit entity. With this acute shift in the act of gambling, the projects should seek to examine the greater cultural agency embedded in Games of Chance. It is expected that students catalogue and dissect the technologies of the atmospheric augmentation systems in the 21st century casino and consider their retooling or reapplication in the non-for-profit derivative.

However, it is this concept of the other (or outsider), that this studio will seek to examine as a means to design a counter-casino for 21st century Sydney. The other as a utopia existing simultaneously within real space; the other as a society colonizing foreign land; and the other as the individual recalibrated by the artifice of the casino.