The Itinerants: Those Who Travel
86529: Inhabitations

In today’s digital climate, we are seeing an increasing shift in the variety of ways in which people are employed. The monotonous 8 hour work day is obsolete. The domestic realm and the technologies that we utilise in everyday life such as vehicles, bikes, computers, phones etc, are now being used by an increasing population to generate income and resulting in an alternate nomadic working lifestyle. We are now witnessing more start up business’s investing in independent employees who utilise these cloud-based technologies to choose how, when and where they work, and who they work for, in any given day.

This goal based scheduling creates an on/off condition to the working day, freeing people up to take on alternate jobs at hours of their own choosing. These people increasingly occupy public city spaces like cafes, libraries, parks, stations etc in between jobs. At times, this nomadic workforce, or workforce of itinerants have 2-4 uniforms on hand, quickly modifying them from an uber driver, to courier agent, to airtasker employee in one day.

The studio will speculate on the programatic opportunities that may arise from a shift in the traditional work-life separation of spaces, which has often been demarcated by a monotonous 9-5 work day. We will investigate a future scenario where this minority workforce, keeps growing into one that needs a rethink of how economics will influence the segregation of (multiple) work/life spaces.