Un-Learning University
86533_Design Studio : Industry

“Architecture has been defined in terms of one activity, and what that activity is adding to the world. A few years ago I realised the profession was as if lobotomised – it was stuck conceiving of itself only in terms of adding things and not in terms of taking away or erasing things.” Rem Koolhass.

Un-Learning University is a space to discuss and speculate about the future of Universities and to renegotiate their role in the imagination of alternative forms of knowledge production, governance and citizenship. In the last IPCC report, the United Nations warned world leaders about the urgency of ceasing the irresponsible disregard of science and facts that are proving that the overall functioning of our economy -including the dependency on fossil fuels and the fast life cycles of extraction, production and consumption- are threatening our survival and the planet. Universities all over the world are producing immense amounts of facts that are proving this, but most are failing at imagining desirable alternatives.

In this studio, students will imagine and design a hybrid University in which cross-disciplinary teams of academics, students and citizens will research, discuss, test, exhibit and communicate alternative forms of living and learning to give responses to the climate crisis and to the crisis of the political imagination. Located at the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops, this space will become an active and open infrastructure of the city in which to test and deploy its furthermost transformation.


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