Sydney Central Justice
86533_Design Studio : Industry

The Project

This project consolidates a number of aged justice facilities in and around Sydney. In recent times, society is becoming increasingly engaged and critical in its relationship with those that govern. Like all aspects of society and government, there is change in the air and people want more accountability and transparency in many aspects of the social processes. Justice is not immune to this change, and this project seeks to engage and facilitate a new open conversation between the role of ‘Justice’ and the well-being of ‘Society’. The intent of the new Sydney Central Justice (SCJ) building is to facilitate the consciousness of a just society by brokering the relationship between the government, the law, the people, and the those that have wronged society.

The program includes:

  • criminal courts – currently in the Downing Centre
  • Assessment centre (small prison) – currently part of the remand centre at Silverwater and Long Bay prisons
  • Civic space – seen as a significant public gesture to the city and its citizens.

The Site

The location for the new SCJ is UTS buildings 5B, 5D, and 5C

The Method

The studio will follow the 86533 Design Studio Outline. The method will vary to the outline in recognition of the scale of the project. The size of the project will eventually see the whole of the studio working in groups on separate parts of the whole. The final outcome will be a coordinated effort for a significant civic addition to the city.


Sydney Central Justice