Miss Julie
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces

This studio will use August Strindberg’s play, Miss Julie as a text and The Mint, Sydney as a site to explore themes of class, gender, sex and power. Despite the world changing dramatically since the play was written, inequality based on class and gender still stubbornly persists.

The play is set on a Midsummer eve and is based around the collision of Julie and Jean. What begins as animalistic attraction is complicated by individual oppression and mutual abuse. This studio will focus on the Midsummer eve as allegory for the lure of transformation and asks what contemporary socio-political melee or moment could threaten to upset the balance of power in the same way.

The action of the play unfolds in a workplace. Workplaces are inherently performative spaces where institutional rules and norms shape behaviour and interactions. This studio will explore the expectations of the performance of class and gender in contemporary workplaces. We will analyse the mechanisms and symbols employed by Strindberg and what relevance they have in a contemporary context and how they can be spatially exploited to construct an immersive theatre experience.



‘Blasted’, Sarah Kane, Malthouse Theatre 2018