86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces

Your contemporary interpretation of Medea will be set in a historic city pub with rooms to rent for accommodation above. A deeply internal environment, the spaces evoke memories, smells, tastes, love, fear, regret, textures, and Sydney’s history.

Students will be encouraged to develop upon their existing talents and establish new skills as they experiment with drawing, materials & model-making, sound making, lighting, and video. Divergent creative practices will contribute towards rich spatial design.

Some see Medea as one of the first works of feminism. “Medea” exposes the order of her time as hypocritical and spineless. The relationship between the Chorus and Medea is one of the most interesting in all of Greek drama. The women are alternately horrified and enthralled by Medea. They both condemn her and pity her for her horrible acts, but they do nothing to interfere.


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