Interstitial time and space
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency


To design a low security visits centre for John Morony Correctional Complex. The new centre will allow for the segregation of low security inmates from the main complex to better support the objective of the work release unit called Honour House. Honour House is a unit that allows more privileges than regular minimum-security prisoners and is a space where offenders can be supported during their societal transition. The new visits centre will be located adjacent to the Honor House and is to cater for social visits with inmates whilst also providing spaces for support services such as those associated with community centres.

Studio Description

This studio provides students an opportunity to engage with a real project and client group. Beginning with a greenfield site, students will need to adopt an inter- disciplinary approach to straddle the fields of architecture and landscape whilst remaining firmly positioned as interior spatial designers. We will explore the space between confinement and liberation and discover principles of environmental psychology to develop a deep understanding of the relationship between people and the built environment. Various abstract case studies will be analysed to observe applicable building typologies and analogous spatial programs.

interstitial time & space