Hotel / Motel 86223 SPR Major Project



A full feature studio directed by Brooke Jackson

As the ultimate moment of urban interiority – this is a space where the Absurd resides

‘One might imagine a collaroy between the position of the hotel [here] and the arcade in Walter Benjamin’s Passage Werk

[The Arcades Project] as they both represent a certain capitalist desire to bring the outside world into a totalizing and marketable interiority, to create a controlled and insulated simulacrum of an entire city beneath one roof.’

Erik Morse in conversation Hotel Theory: The History of the Los Angeles Hotel 2012

From the bathhouse to resting place, evidence of the provision of hospitable interior space can be traced to ancient civilisation.  Servicing both the needs of locals and travellers, such spaces of hospitality reflected a duality of civic occupation of the city and geo-political affairs.   The bathhouse in particular was an incubator for collective and cross-pollinating conversation – a social system casually residing in the intimate ritual of domesticated bathing.

Today the Hotel serves as a veritable polyglot of temporal performance, harnessing the pragmatic, the romantic + the diabolic. The tangible construct has morphed into a marketable interiority pertinent to a suspension in time, where otherworldliness supersedes the intrinsic need of those seeking respite and a place to bathe.  A set, a stage, a folly – the function and form of curatorial, domestic fakery that we want privy to, making the HOTEL / MOTEL a widely desired filmic selection for the set, the stage, the scene.

Montaging folly and realism, we will question + critique the role of the HOTEL/MOTEL institution and its service to the city, from its civic space origins to its role in social class mediation. Adding to this and defying the quest for the fantastic, we cannot abandon the affect of informal hospitality constructs – where competing operations, such as AirBnB, provide an authentic experience of interiority.

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Erik Morse, Hotel Theory: The History of the Los Angeles Hotel 2012

Charles Rice, Interior urbanism; architecture, John Portman and Downtown America