Ground, Envelope, Body : Justice in transition
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency

This studio will explore the support services around the criminal justice system, mapping and understanding the complex safety net that supports people in transition. Focusing on socio-architectural spatial dynamics, we will unpack opportunities in which interior and spatial design practice can make a valuable contribution at three distinct scales. You will gain an understanding of ‘the justice maze’ across the urban context, an individual office space and small outreach pop-ups, at each stage exploring the spatial responses to power control and authority.

The Community Restorative Centre (CRC) is the lead provider of specialist through-care, post-release, and re-integration programs for people transitioning from prison into the community in NSW. They provide a series of programs that aim to reduce crime and break entrenched cycles of disadvantage, offending and imprisonment. In addition to office space for this not for profit organisation, the project will include video conferencing facilities for families to talk to loved ones in prison and house the recording studio for ‘Jailbreak Radio’. CRC head office is located in a former bank building on Broadway.

During the semester you will be tasked with establishing a structural, material and circulatory system from which space, light and hierarchy can be ordered and manipulated. To achieve this, we will undertake a series of exercises that focus on the transformation of physiological and physical barriers through architectural conditions. The tools gained from these exercises will create a kit of parts for space making which will provide an important basis for future projects.

Our task will be converting information that is otherwise dormant, invisible, or simply incomprehensible into images and arguments. You will collaborate with the Community Restorative Centre over the course of the semester to communicate your ideas critically, responsibly and provocatively

Case Studies:

  • Ground – DIY Initiative: Urban Strategy Slupsk, Poland Plymouth university
  • Envelope – I AM Recycled, Gipuzkoa,Spain, PKMN Architectures
  • Body – Story pods, Newmarket