Cultural Conflux: the junction of two rivers
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency

Cultural Conflux is a design studio that explores how architectural design can make positive contributions to the conditions and wellbeing of people, cultural practices and environments. Focused on the regional community of Walgett located in the remote northern districts of New South Wales, it is the aim of this design studio to understand, design and interrogate the agency of space as a relational condition in the making of architectural interventions. Advocating participatory design methods, the Cultural Conflux studio investigates a range of design processes and techniques in combination with theoretical explorations about place, culture and the environment. Traveling to Walgett, you will undertake field work in partnership with the Walgett Local Aboriginal Land Council can the Aboriginal Communities of Namoi and Gingie. Fostering cross cultural knowledge exchange, the Cultural Conflux design brief is centered upon two parallel briefs: (1) The design of culturally appropriate housing for young Aboriginal people who are allegedly discriminated against by local real estate agents when applying for rental leases, (2) The adapative reuse of redundant housing infrastructure in the discrete Indigenous community of Gingie.