86533 Playbox Theatre

We go to the theatre to hear stories about ourselves and our fellow humans and to enjoy the experience of shared emotions and experiences. Our imagination allows an actor to become someone else that we can care about and be interested in. A responsive and reactive audience can assist the story- teller to take us into his world. A theatrical experience shouldn’t be static or passive and the correctly designed performance space can reinforce the intensity of the audience experience. This studio will explore the potential of existing and imagined future technology and engineering to create an experimental theatre – an extremely flexible and adaptable series of spaces that can facilitate the maximum intensity of emotional and physical interchange between performers and the audience and between members of the audience.

As a starting point for our design we will assume between 1 and 200 spectators and explore different potential spatial configurations for a variety of types of performance – student plays, experimental drama, immersive theatre, cabaret, stand-up, solo musicians, chamber music, dance, puppetry, etc. and their different visual, acoustic, haptic and ergonomic needs. We will also look in depth at the back of house spaces and their technical needs as well as front of house facilities.

Students will explore the use of the latest lighting, projection and screen technologies along with robotic prosthetics, movable seating, sliding walls, floor lifts, revolving stages and other architectural elements to achieve transforming spaces.

The site chosen is the existing UTS Glasshouse Bar and surrounding areas on levels 2, 3 and 4 of Building 10. The design must pay particular attention to the integration of the new performance spaces with the existing facilities and access pathways to create a dynamic and functional relationship with the Tower and the street. It must provide an exciting and welcoming marquee that suggest the stimulating experiences that may take place inside.


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