86533: Industry. Theatre as Machine
3rd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017

The theatre is a machine for viewing that mediates the real world of the city, and the imaginary world of the staged narrative. Its agency in interfacing these two environments situates it as a rich territory for the faculties of Interior and Spatial Design. In undertaking this 3rd year studio, students will be required to explore the theatre typology, not defined by a specific story or narrative, but rather as a scaffold that can transform to produce a variety of productions. Specifically, the studio will investigate the spaces, construction techniques, and technologies that allow the theatre production to conveyed to the audience, and create a space for the imaginary within the pragmatic constraints of the real. As a studio positioned towards industry, the semester will use the mediums of drawing and model making to carefully document the physical materials and apparatuses that make the imaginary world possible. It is the aim of this studio to present radical visions of what the theatre could be within the technological advancement of the 21st century, through mediums that demonstrate the scheme’s capacity to be real.


Photograph By: Klaus Frahm


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