86529 : Performative Spaces
2nd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017

In this studio, students design a theatre set based on their interpretation of a given play from the late 19th century period of naturalism and realism. Students learn to translate the play’s dramatic action into a contemporary setting for audience viewing and interaction. Throughout the session, students move through the typical iterative design process a professional scenographer undertakes to develop a concept, an aesthetic language, and a final resolved scenography. Deliverables include: sketches, drawings, models, visual storyboards, and technical plans. Students begin to work with designing into an existing residence and finish by adapting this design to a given theatre stage.

Overall, in this studio students gain an understanding of the common history of architecture and theatre and are able to differentiate between their mainstream functions. Students gain a broad understanding of historical and current scenographic practice, as well as a specific and detailed knowledge of the scenographic language and techniques currently employed by major players in the field. Finally, students experiment with and develop their individual scenographic language in concept and representation.