86223 Transit State

Matthias Hollenstein

This studio asks students to imagine a foreign consulate sited on the Manly Ferry, endlessly traversing Sydney Harbour from Circular Quay to Manly. The Manly Ferry is one of Sydney’s most famous cultural institutions. It is a place of both passage and destination that plays host to locals and visitors from across the world. The ferry journey spans from the business centre of Sydney to one of its most quintessential places, Manly Beach. The ferry is arguably one of Sydney’s most thriving public interiors that traverses its most generous open space, Sydney Harbour. By placing a fully functioning consulate within the ferry, the studio will explore the potential for the consulate to engage a broader public and allow for incidental engagement. The ferry is a vessel free from the limitations of a single position in space. This mobility allows for alternate dynamics in the way the consulate can engage both its interior and exterior condition. This studio asks students to develop spatial tactics that fully exploit the political potential of such a condition.

Program: The ferry will maintain its current role as a public passenger ferry along with playing host to the foreign consulate. The consulate will be fully functioning allowing for the typical administrative role of a consulate as well as an ambassador’s residence for when they are in Sydney and a set of function spaces for political and cultural events. Due to the economic importance of Sydney, the consulate will be considered as having as significant a political role as the foreign countries embassy in Canberra (if one exists).

Students will select the country of the foreign consulate. The aim of this is to allow each student to define their own political attitude in relation to a real country. This political attitude will then define each design decision within the project.

'sydney harbour from 16,000 feet' by david moore

‘Sydney Harbour from 16,000 feet’ by David Moore