86223 Symbiotic Democracy

Nicholas Malyon

Due to rising security costs and foreign Nations increased desire to provide representation and aid in more countries around the globe. A trend for countries to develop alliances to share resources and cohabitating in embassies around the world is becoming more commonplace.

Therefore in this studio, students will select two countries that will cohabitate together in the selected location. The two countries that they chose must have a significant relationship to one another historically, politically or culturally. The two countries they chose will form the framework and architectural language for the development of the studio.

The embassy should be designed in such a manner that it promotes and expressed cultural enrichment and education to individuals in and around the embassy. This can be achieved in many ways but should be developed in collaboration between the two nations to tell a story of their relationship to one another.

Site Location: The cutaway at Barangaroo point, including the Harbour control tower, Sydney, Australia

The Cutaway is nestled underneath Sydney’s newest Harbour foreshore park in Barangaroo Reserve. The area, which was once one of Sydney’s oldest industrial sites, has been transformed into a modern iteration of its historical identity. The sites connection between past, present and future should be represented in the embassy of the students chosen country.