86004: Foundations in Interior Architecture
1st Year Design Studio Autumn 2019

In this studio, students will be introduced to core principles, theories and methods of Interior Architecture (IA) at UTS. Learning to design through inquiry, students will be asked to break down their preconceptions of space and the interior through a detailed examination of the space in which they live. Through the application of Gaston Bachelards idea of topo-analysis (‘place’-analysis), students will design a wearable analog, or ‘mobile experience device’ that parallels the situated experience of being at home. Armed with this device, students will explore the urban interior of Sydney through design interventions into its ‘non-places’.

Non-places such as car parks, supermarkets, motels and lobbies will be analysed for their effect on Sydney cultural identity through performative intervention. The result of which, will be a series of speculative design interventions that aim to reconcile the familiar, situated space of the home, with the unfamiliar, boundless space of the city. This studio will be accompanied by a lecture series that outlines key theories of space that have informed and influenced practice over the 19th and 20th century.  Students will develop core skills in model making, site analysis, creative research, ergonomics, drawing, theories of space and presentation skills.


kordetzky_l_sequences_2001-1Kordetzky, L., Wagner, A., Woods, L. & Architecture, R.I.f.E. 2001, Sequences: saw only the moon, Springer. pp. 73

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