86004: Foundations in Interior Architecture
1st Year Design Studio Autumn 2019
In this studio, students will be introduced to core principles, theories and methods of Interior Architecture (IA) at UTS. Learning to design through inquiry, students will be asked to break down their preconceptions of space and the interior through a detailed examination of the space in which they live.
Negative Market(s)
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Transaction and exchange are inherent to human life. We exchange goods, fluids, favours, substances, cultural parameters, stock options, words, styles, organs and data among an infinite of material and immaterial things. Today, the exchange is the mandate that regulates all aspects of life in late capitalist societies and cities like Sydney. There are very few spaces, public or private that remain exempt from complying with a transactional and competitive agenda.

Studio Leaders : Gonzalo Valiente + Kimberley Angangan
Miss Julie
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
This studio will use August Strindberg’s play, Miss Julie as a text and The Mint, Sydney as a site to explore themes of class, gender, sex and power. Despite the world changing dramatically since the play was written, inequality based on class and gender still stubbornly persists.

Studio Leaders : Kate Campbell + Jessica Freeman
Site : The Mint, Sydney
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
In this studio, students will read and research Sophocles’ ANTIGONE and visit and document the site formerly known as THE WORLD BAR in King’s Cross.

Studio Leader : Charles Davis
Miss Julie
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
August Strinberg’s Miss Julie depicts a brief affair between a Lord’s daughter and a male servant. It may have been written as a cautionary tale warning of the perils of sexual equality, but to a modern audience the play takes on new meanings.

Studio Leader : Russell Rodrigo
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
Your contemporary interpretation of Medea will be set in a historic city pub with rooms to rent for accommodation above. A deeply internal environment, the spaces evoke memories, smells, tastes, love, fear, regret, textures, and Sydney's history.

Studio Leader : Vesna Trobec
Un-Learning University
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Un-Learning University is a space to discuss and speculate about the future of Universities and to renegotiate their role in the imagination of alternative forms of knowledge production, governance and citizenship.

Studio Leaders : Jorge Valiente Oriol + Maribel Cano Dominguez
Towards the Design of Contemporary Libraries
86533_Design Studio : Industry
The library as a building typology has a history spanning millennia in time. Over centuries, it was defined by the design of its interior: beginning as a simple room for storing written scrolls, it later became a place to study books. This simple space would later turn into a central reading room. Later, the appearance of libraries in the urban realm as buildings in their own right is closely connected to their being made accessible to the broader public. For centuries, libraries were only accessible to those who could read and write.

Studio Leader : Eduard Fernàndez
The Concourse
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Why is it that images of transport infrastructure don't come to mind when we think about great design? As our most frequented, but least inhabited public space, the station concourse is the first and last experience we have of an urban area - a traditional atrium but at the scale of a city.

Studio Leader : Shane Marshall
Sydney Central Justice
86533_Design Studio : Industry
This project consolidates a number of aged justice facilities in and around Sydney. In recent times, society is becoming increasingly engaged and critical in its relationship with those that govern. Like all aspects of society and government, there is change in the air and people want more accountability and transparency in many aspects of the social processes.

Studio Leader : Kevin Bradley
Immigration Archive Museum
86533_Design Studio : Industry

Australia is a country, from its most recent inception, of immigrants. Sydney is historically the epicentre of this immigration. This studio seeks to design an archive of immigration history, that works towards the preservation and understanding of the diverse cultures of Sydney - through the stories of its individuals. Information is gathered from the public, as opposed to traditional avenues (government, university, historians), then stored, curated and represented.

Studio Leaders: Michelle Vassiliou + Michael Stewart
Children’s Outpatient Department
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Health care facilities are one of the major civic infrastructures of our cities. For years, these highly specialised spaces designed to assist in the delivery of treatments to patients have solely been clinically focused in their planning. There is the opportunity for these civic buildings to contribute to the urban environment and provide spaces not only for treatment but also wellness.

Studio Leader: Michael Ford
2019 Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) : Atmospheric Lighting Design
Deriving inspiration from our intuitive experience of the visual world through light, this program is dedicated to improving understanding and appreciation of atmospheres, through the design of visual elements; space, material and light. 
Student Reviews: The Spectacle Society
3rd Year Major Project
With: Christina Deluchi, Eduard Fernandez, Andrew Le, Felix Law, Kate Campbell, Nick Souksamrane, Brooke Jackson, Carla Matias and Alena Minaeva.
Death! A Spectacle 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Felix Saw and Andrew Le
The Site: Hyde Park Barracks
21st Century Social Club 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Christina Deluchi
The Site; The Readers Digest Building Surry Hills
Hotel / Motel 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Brooke Jackson
The Site; David Jones Elizabeth Street
The Bordello 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Eduard Fernàndez
The Site; Cockatoo Island
MONKEYSHINES No.3 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Alena Minaeva and Carla Matias
The Site; The Cleland Bond Building (33 Playfair St, The Rocks NSW 2000)
Learning, A Spectator Sport 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Kate Campbell and Nicholas Souksamrane
The Site; The Metro and The Roosevelt, Kings Cross
Who speaks for the river
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leaders: Luke Wolstencroft & Delia Ngay
Studio Tutor: Mariah Drakoulis
Site: The Darling River (Between Bourke and Walgett)
Program: Landscape Parliament / Festival Site
Cultural Conflux: the junction of two rivers
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Campbell Drake
Studio Tutor: Lenny Gash
Site: Walgett
Program: Affordable Housing for Young Aboriginal People
Going to the Ball
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Mike Day & Emrah Baki Ulas
Site: Murrin Bridge / Lake Cargelligo
Program: community centre, light and projection installation
Doing Time : Redefining the meaning of a prison
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Kevin Bradley & Kiran Kashyap
Site: John Morony Correctional Complex
Program: Segregation cells, family visits centre, living quarters, ‘community’ garden
The Caged Trees of the Central West
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Mat Gallois
Site: Dubbo / Wellington NSW, Central NSW
Program: site specific, culturally appropriate, alternative design solutions
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Michael Ford
Site: The Eveleigh Railway Yards
Program: Co-working spaces, art studios, galleries and community spaces.
86529: Performative Spaces: Castles in the Air
Studio Leader: Campbell Drake
86529: Performative Spaces: Miss Julie
“And now my mother gets her revenge - through me”

Studio Leader: Dr. Russell Rodrigo
86529: Performative Spaces : Medea
Studio Leader: Michael Scott-Mitchell
86529: Performative Spaces: The Master Builder
A scenographic design studio in 3 acts.
“Don’t you agree with me, Hilda, that there exist special, chosen people who have been endowed with the power and faculty if desiring a thing, craving for a thing, willing a thing so persistently and so inexorably that at last it has to happen? Don’t you believe that?“ (Henrik Ibsen)

Studio leader: Juan Pablo Gomez
86529: Performative Spaces: The Wild Duck
'So time has come to a standstill in there - in the wild duck's domain.' (Henrik Ibsen)

Studio Leader: Christina Deluchi
86529: Performative Spaces: Hedda Gabbler
"My intention in giving it this name was to indicate that Hedda as a personality is to be regarded rather as her father's daughter than her husband's wife". (Henrik Ibsen, 1890)

Studio Leader: Jorge Valiente
UTS Interior Architecture artisan IKEA hacks​ at Susannah Place Museum
UTS Interior Architecture students worked with Sydney Living Museums to design ‘IKEA hacks’ for a new creative hub in the Rocks, Sydney.
86005 Design Studio: Inhabitations
1st Year Design Studio Spring 2017
86223 Heterotopia Circus
86223 Fashion Art Cultural Centre (FACC)
86223 Heterotopia Bathhouse
86223 ResortLand
86223 House Parliament
Mind the Gap
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Campbell Drake & William Kelly
Urban Regeneration
Barooga Karrai
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Kate Ferguson and Mariah Drakoulis
Community Enterprises
Junee Correctional Centre
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Kevin Bradley & Alena Minaeva
Culture Kitchen
Seeking Refuge
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Matt Clarke and Gabrielle Veringa
Homeless Shelter
Lightning Ridge Studio
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Vesna Trobec and Stephanie Gotis-Graham
Regional Gallery
Eora Gallery II
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Michael Ford & Michelle Vassiliou
Art Gallery, Redfern
86529 : Hedda Gabler
"My intention in giving it this name was to indicate that Hedda as a personality is to be regarded rather as her father's daughter than her husband's wife". Henrik Ibsen 1891

Studio Leader : Jorge Valiente
86529 : A Dolls House
“Ive got to do it by myself, and that’s why I’m leaving you” Henrik Ibsen 1879

Studio Leader : Campbell Drake
86529 : Woyzeck
“The world is chaos, nothingness its true Messiah.” Georg Büchner, 1837

Studio Leader : Esteban Insausti
86529 : Miss Julie
“Life is not so idiotically mathematical that only the big eat the small; it is just as common for a bee to kill a lion or at least to drive it mad.” August Strindberg

Studio Leader : Vesna Trobec
86529 : The Master Builder
The ethics of form and space
Studio Leader : Robert Barnstone
86529 : The Wild Duck
“Yes, for it’s my Wild Duck.” Henrik Ibsen, 1884

Studio Leader : Christina Deluchi
86533 Rethinking the Frame
86533 Playbox Theatre
86533 Bare Island Theatre
86533 Anatomical Theatre
86533 The Acting Machine
86529 : Performative Spaces
2nd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017
translating dramatic action into a contemporary setting for audience viewing and interaction.
86533: Industry. Theatre as Machine
3rd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017
Mediating the real world of the city, and the imaginary world of the staged narrative.
Space for action and response
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Robert Barnstone & Gemma Chapman
Lake Cargelligo Theatre and Community Center.
Interstitial time and space
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Matt Clarke & Gabrielle Veringa
John Morony Correctional Complex Visits Centre

Eora Gallery
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency :
Michael Ford & Vina Purwantoro
Redfern Gallery
86223 Symbiotic Democracy
86223 Spectacle, Refuge
86223 Transit State
86223 Interstitial Consulate
Ground, Envelope, Body : Justice in transition
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Nikki Butlin & Melanie Schonfeld
Community Restorative Centre
Agents of Space
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency :
Campbell Drake / William Kelly
Murrin Bridge / Culpra Station
Architecture and Sociology: Urban Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Program
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Robert Barnstone
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Thomas Cole
Museum for a Dead Book
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Esteban Insausti
Designing with Dementia: Constructing (non linear) narratives from muddled memories.
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Campbell Drake
Partytopia: Sydney Administration for Nightlife Deviations
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Jorge Valiente
The Exchange: Commodification and Edification
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Matthew Teismann
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Yvette Dunn

“Labour is ... not the only source of material wealth, ie. of the use-values it produces. Labour is the father of material wealth, the earth is its mother… The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, presents itself as an immense accumulation of commodities, its unit being a single commodity.” -Karl Marx
The Symbiosis
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Monika Proepper
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Ben Feher

"Space as directly lived through its associated images and symbols and hence the space of inhabitants and users’. ‘It overlays physical space, making symbolic use of its objects." Henri Lefebvre
Micro Apartments & Community Living
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Michael Day
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Mahroo Moosavi

"One of the central issues concerning contemporary inhabitation is urban sprawl. We need an ecological rethinking of our cities: to consume less energy by reducing home-work distances; and a re-densification of existing built areas. "
Future Scape- Prototype for Perception
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Nikki Butlin
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Matthew Clarke

‘Architecture exists, like cinema, in the dimension of time and movement. One conceives and reads a building in terms of sequences. To erect a building is to predict and seek effects of contrast and linkage through which one passes...’ Jean Nouvel
The Itinerants: Those Who Travel
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Celeste Raanoja
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Gabrielle Veringa

"These small start up companies have been labeled as ‘disrupters’ tapping into markets that are dominated by large business’s with traditional working styles."
Autumn Elective: 86023 – Light, Materials, and Form
Lecturer : Mike Day
Semester 1, 2016
2016 Honors Studio: Fracking Futures
The Politics of Habit
Unstable Architectures : 86530 Performative Spaces 1
Studio Leader: Miguel Rodriguez Casellas
Diagramming Tutor: Amaia Sanchez Velasco

“The distracted person too, can form habits. More, the ability to master certain tasks in a state of distraction proves that their solution has become a matter of habit.”
Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, 1936
Bronte Bio-tectures
Unstable Architectures : 86530 Performative Spaces 1
Studio Leader: Sarah Breen Lovett
Diagramming Tutor: Vesna Trobec

"Architecture will be brought to its fullest realisation only when the deepest knowledge of human life in the biological whole is available.”
László Moholy-Nagy, The New Vision (New York: George Wittenborn, 1947).
Emergency Mobile Home Start-up Kit.
Unstable Architectures : 86112 Experimentations
Studio Leader – Michael Day
Diagramming Tutor – Jorge Valiente

The project is a showcase for the Councils to demonstrate to the world a constructive way to give refugees hope and dignity by including them in local communities and letting them partially create their own future living space.
Unstable Architectures : 86112 Experimentations
Studio Leader: Samantha Donnelly
Diagramming Tutor: John Cabello

“Diaspora” means “to spread or scatter…between/ through/ across”.
Liddell, Henry George; Scott, Robert; A Greek–English Lexicon at the Perseus Project
The temporary modular
Unstable Architectures : 86112 Experimentations
Studio Leader: Celeste Raanoja
Diagramming Tutor: Daniel Putilin

Modular (adj.) “A set of standardised parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure.”
Knowledge Spaces : 86223 Design Studio: Industry
Studio Lecturer : Rana Abboud
Context Lecturer : Nikola Kovac
Typology : Library
Key Words : Digitisation, Adaptation, Reinvention

“Libraries (...) grew up in an ecosystem where information was scarce, and information distribution was the base function of what they did.... But with digital, the ecosystem is changing, has changed, will change completely in the coming decades”.
H. McGuire, What are Libraries For?
The Museum of De-extinction
Knowledge Spaces : 86223 Design Studio: Industry
Studio Lecturer : Campbell Drake
Context Lecturer : Olivia George
Typology : Museum / Research Institute / Laboratory
Key Words : De-extinction, Public Laboratory, Post Museum

The genealogist sets out to study the beginning-numberless beginnings, whose faint traces and hints of colour are readily seen by a historical eye.
Foucault, Michel. 1977.

“Nietzsche, Genealogy, History.”
Institute of Digital Remanufactures (IDRM)
Knowledge Spaces : 86223 Design Studio: Industry
Studio Lecturer : Gonzalo Valiente
Context Lecturer : Amaia Sanchez Velasco
Typology : Research Institute
Key Words : Superuse, urban waste, fabrication

Contemporary models of mass consumption are producing immense amounts of reusable waste currently accumulated in vast waste depositories across the planet. Simultaneously, the phenomenon of digital Fabrication and DIY (Do It Yourself) creative communities are challenging architects and designers to incorporate digital manufacturing in the creation of architectural spaces and devices.
Archive and Laboratory for Architecture (AALFA)
Knowledge Spaces : 86223 Design Studio: Industry
Studio Lecturer : Esteban Insausti
Context Lecturer :Jorge Valiente
Typology : Laboratory / Archive

“All human knowledge begins with intuitions, proceeds from thence to concepts, and ends with ideas.”

Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, 1781-1789

Centre for Advanced Design Studies (CADS)
Knowledge Spaces : 86223 Design Studio: Industry
Studio Lecturer : Matthew Teismann
Context Lecturer : Matt Clarke
Typology : The Design School
Key Words : educational design, computational fabrication, technological pedagogy

“Now why should the cinema follow the forms of theatre and painting rather than the methodology of language, which allows wholly new concepts of ideas to arise from the combination of two concrete denotations of two concrete objects?”

Sergei Eisenstein, Film Form: Essays in Film Theory

Foundations in Spatial Language (1st Year Design Studio) Autumn 2015
Thea Brejzek, Evelyn Kwok, Shane Marshall, Athalie Moedjoko,Brooke Jackson, Christopher Argent, Sarah Jamieson
High School (Honours Design Studio) 2015
Studio Leaders : Benedict Anderson, Thomas Cole, John Cabello
Heterotopias of Sydney (3rd Year Design Studio) Autumn 2015
Studio Leaders : Thomas Cole, Campbell Drake, Arne Heeres, Gonzalo Valiente Oriol, Samantha Donnelly

Radical Inhabitations (2nd Year Design Studio)
Autumn, 2015
Studio Leaders : Dr Laurence Kimmel, Campbell Drake, Kawai Yeung, Christian Williams, Arne Heeres, Esteban Insausti and Mike Day

Diagramming Tutors : Jorge Valiente, David Janson, Sean Choo, Amaia Sánchez Velasco, Nikola Kovac.
Manufacturing Blackwattle Bay (Honours Studio)
Spring, 2014
Studio Leaders: Benedict Anderson, John Cabello, Thomas Cole, Samantha Donnelly and Felicity Wheeler
The Public Interior: Central Station (3rd Year Studio)
Spring, 2014
Studio Leader: Leisa Tough
Unstable Architectures (2nd Year Studio)
Spring, 2014
Lecture Series: Thea Brejzek. Studio Leaders: Sarah Breen Lovett, Samantha Donnelly, Campbell Drake, Andrew Donaldson, Esteban Insausti, Arne Heeres and Nicolas Perren
Making Space/Making Time (1st Year Studio)
Spring, 2014
Lecture Series: Thea Brejzek. Studio Leaders: Sarah Jamieson, Brooke Jackson