PLDC Professional Lighting Design Convention 2018
Singapore, 25-27th October

An esoteric perspective on the art of “consulting” in the field of design and architecture, employing the analogy of “fine dining”. This paper reveals and debates the incredible parallels between these seemingly distant activities.

Consulting skills are fundamental to a designer’s business. When a designer grows and truly becomes a “consultant” in their respected field, it is like putting together all pieces of the puzzle.  The completion of a big, clear, simple picture. The designer at the start may know and understand each and every individual piece of the puzzle in isolation, but consultancy skills help put them into place and interlock with one another, yielding to something more important than the sum of its parts. The art of consultancy combines both cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence. In addition to a high level of technical expertise, it requires creativity at many levels, confidence, ability to adopt, ability to guide etc. it requires a human side, it requires sincerity and empathy combined with an eye for detail, attentiveness and professionality.