International Association of Museum Facility Administrators (IAMFA) 2018 Annual Conference
Los Angeles 24-27 September

Sustainable approaches in museum technologies and their applications are in constant flux. It has been a decade since we started seeing early examples of mainstream use of LEDs in museums and galleries. LEDs as light sources have improved significantly along the way, within this brief timeframe.

Not only their ability to transform electricity to light has more than tripled, but also their colour characteristics, heat management, durability have improved significantly. In addition, their already small size compared to conventional light sources have also shrank even further, presenting a further optical advantage.

The way LEDs are utilised and implemented, however, follows the traditional approaches of the past. While what they really offer is well beyond being a great replacement for conventional sources of light. As digital sources of light and as electronic components, they offer the potential to move us into a new realm; transforming the common typologies of museum lighting dramatically. In addition, the possibilities for integration and intuitive control technologies and effortless control and communication are just surfacing.

Having recently worked on one of the world’s first examples of wireless controlled museum lighting systems using newly emerging technologies, and developing a number of new schemes of advanced systems, the speaker will introduce you to what is already here and what is to come in museum lighting in the near future, and how it all can make the museums’ tomorrow look and feel better, seamlessly and elegantly.