Friday 19th of October, 6 pm
A shy attempt to take the academic conversation out from the spatial and normative limits of the institution. The event will be starred by Dr Gerhard Bruyns from Hong Kong PolyU and Leo Cappetto. Dr Bruyns will present his research on the Square Foot Society (Hong Kong). He will discuss land ownership, radical speculation, and spatial compression in a 99.9% government owned Neoliberal city. Leo Cappetto will share his first steps on a research project that claims Melbourne as the crystalised spatiality of what Byung Chul Han critiques as the Hyper-Positive society.
The idea is to produce a rigorous format in a an informal environment so that we can all engage intellectual and political discussions while we have a decent drink (whether it has or not alcohol). Ultimately, this event is an affectionate and well deserved farewell to Leo Cappetto, who will retake his South American itinerary of life and work as soon as we finish this academic year.
As part of the event, our guest presenters will talk about their projects for no more than 20 minutes. after that, a couple of guest speakers will engage a debate around a couple of questions designed by me and made with the ambition of breaking with any possibility of total consensus.

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