UTS Interior Architecture artisan IKEA hacks​ at Susannah Place Museum

This semester, first-year UTS Interior Architecture students worked with Sydney Living Museums to design ‘IKEA hacks’ for a new creative hub in the Rocks, Sydney. Taking inspiration from Susannah Place museum, one of Sydney’s oldest continuously inhabited residence, students explored the relationship between interior space, material culture and personal identity to develop a maker-space for the next generation of creative professionals. After consulting with local artists and designers, students used IKEA products to prototype IKEA hacks that explored the customisation and personalisation of existing products to fit each artisan’s unique creative needs.

Congratulations to UTS Interior Architecture student Tara Blackmore, Audrey Abbott and Jeremy Medlock, seen here presenting their design projects to historians, curators and staff of the Sydney Living Museums at the Caroline Simpson Library.
UTS and the DAB would like to thank Anna Cossu and the staff of Susannah Place Museum, Matthew Stephens and the staff of the Caroline Simpson Library as well as Sydney Living Museums for their generous support and resources.