Sirius Building Watch Day Event_March 2019
1st Year Interior Architecture exhibition

In 2018 Sirius was listed as a Watch Site by the World Monuments Fund, a New York based non-profit organisation that aims is to raise awareness and preserve important heritage sites throughout the world. Each year 25 sites are chosen as part of the organisation’s World Monument Watch, with 814 sites having been listed since the programs beginning in 1996.

We are really excited that the Sirius Building has been listed among so many other amazing sites worldwide. On Saturday 9th of March a Watch Day was held, showcasing the amazing work that the Sirius Building has inspired.

First-year students of Interior Architecture were invited to exhibit their work a the Abraham Mott Hall in the Rocks as a part of the Watch Day events. Our students were working last semester with the Sirius Building and their work was highly appreciated by the architect, Tao Gofer who was part of the final crits, SOS association and all the UTS team.



Sirius Building Watch Day