Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos Conference
Funchal, Madeira 8-12 November 2017

This conference, the third in a series, is a collaboration between Island Dynamics’ Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos (ICUA) research network and University of Madeira’s Research Centre for Regional and Local Studies (CIERL). The conference takes place in association with the III INSULA Interna2onal Colloquium: Beyond Nature & Artifice.


In 2016 ten million tourists visited Indonesia. 4.5 million of them visited the island of Bali; one of over 17,000 Indonesian islands. Recognising the potential for economic expansion, in 2016, the minister of tourism announced the ’10 new Bali’s’ management plan. Extending from Sumatra in the far West to the Eastern islands of Flores and Sulawesi, this ambitious plan marks ten locations for tourism development and foreign investment. While data suggests the people of Bali have prospered from the influx of domestic and international tourism, the environmental impact of tourism infrastructure and property speculation has left an indelible mark on the island with some suggesting that over development has now reached the point of no return. Focusing on the environmental, social and economic impact of the ‘10 new Bali’s’ management plan, this research explores how urbanisation affects island environments of Indonesia. Commencing with the coastal town of Labuan Bajo in Western Flores, this research draws on preliminary data collected between 2014-2017 to explore sustainable design strategies for tourism infrastructure that can assist to preserve and protect the environmental and social fabric of these remote regions.