The Beauty of Urban Decay
Wed 22 August 2018 6-8pm

Architects, urban designers and planners come together for an in-depth discussion about Sydney’s inner city built environment in conjunction with ADC’s exhibition of Joshua Smith’s work “Urban Decay”.

This event will provoke discussion and raise questions about Sydney’s past, present and future in the context of urban design, architecture and development that engage with issues such as beauty and decay, and the future of urban spaces.

This is an informed discussion by professionals within architecture, urban design and planning sharing knowledge and insights into Sydney’s city design. Moderated by Councillor Jess Scully, speakers will include Shaun Carter (NSW Architects Registration Board), Dr Lisa Murray (City Historian, City of Sydney) and Gonzalo Valiente (Lecturer, School of Design UTS).

This event is part of a program of activities happening in conjunction with the exhibition “Urban Decay: Sydney Miniatures” showing a new body of work by Adelaide-based miniaturist and artist Joshua Smith.