Stamp Fold: Radical Architecture of Little Magazines
Urtzi Grau April 15th, 2016

Wham! Zoom! Zing! Rave! – and it’s not Ready Steady Go, even though it sometimes looks like it. The sound effects are produced by the eruption of underground architectural protest magazines. Architecture, staid queen mother of the arts, is no longer courted by plush glossies and cool scientific journals alone, but is having her skirts blown up and her bodice unzipped by irregular newcomers which are – typically – rhetorical, with-it, moralistic, mis-spelled, improvisatory, anti-smooth, funny-format, cliquey, art-oriented but stoned out of their minds with science fiction images of an alternative architecture that would be perfectly possible tomorrow if only the Universe (and especially the Law of Gravity) were differently organised.

— REYNER BANHAM, “Zoom Wave Hits Architecture” New Society 3, March 1966

screen shot 2016-04-12 at 12.27.25 pm