Adventure in Design
Foolscap April 22nd, 2016

Adèle Winteridge Bio:

Adèle is the founder and director of the multidisciplinary design firm Foolscap Studio, a purposefully small-medium size studio made up of diverse individuals, working across a broad range of creative and strategically-led projects. Foolscap moves seamlessly between interior, architectural, product, graphic and identity development for clients operating in the hospitality, retail, workplace and public space sectors.

Adèle is an Interior Architect, with a background in high end corporate and hospitality design. Adèle has studied a Masters in Sustainable Design at UNSW and has lectured at RMIT and the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Adèle aims to create spaces and experiences that contribute to city culture while also being healthier, more productive and more sustainable (in every sense of the word). She sees every project as an adventure in pushing the boundaries of what design can do for people, and as a result Foolscap employ wit, play and opportunity to create outcomes that feel warm and ‘lived in’, before anyone has even occupied the finished space.

Dhiren Das Bio:

Dhiren is the director of strategic design at Foolscap Studio and the director and founder of Relative. Foolscap’s think tank and sister company. He works with companies to better utilise design as an agent for change, combining strategic thinking with architectural design and identity. Dhiren’s work bridges strategic thinking with architecture and identity.

Dhiren has worked across architectural interior, product design, strategy and creative direction for workplace, cultural, hospitality and civic projects in the UK and Australia. His focus is on how integrated design can bring long term value to places, organisations and communities.