2019 Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) : Atmospheric Lighting Design

Deriving inspiration from our intuitive experience of the visual world through light, the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) : Atmospheric Lighting Design, dedicates itself to improving the understanding and appreciation of atmospheres, through the design of visual elements; space, material and light.

Intersecting theory and practice, the degree is framed through the relationship between light and darkness; their inextricable dialogue in creating atmospheres an through an exploration of dark minded lighting design across interior and exterior contexts.

The program includes a travel component to the Rethink the Nightevent in Greece in September 2019. This event provides a unique opportunity to participate in a lighting conference along with international students to work along side international experts in a darkness-minded lighting workshop. This trip also includes a study tour of significant lighting and architecture sites in western Europe. Local opportunities for students include participation in events such as the Vivid Sydney Festivaland Fringe Festival.

Incorporating an open, progressive and integrated approach to lighting design practice, this program aims to advance analytical skills whilst developing a solid understanding of the human factors of lighting and visual perception.

With strong industry links, the program is structured to give students the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of Atmospheric Lighting Design from a global perspective with the intuition, ability and aspirations the program produces leading practicing professionals in the field of interior architecture and lighting design.