Global Studio : Sumba, Indonesia, July 2016

Extending on work carried out during the 2015 Global Studio Rote, this studio returns to Indonesia to further investigate strategies for sustainable tourism development on the Island of Sumba.

Considered one of the last frontiers of Indonesia and slated for tourism development by the central government in Jakarta, Sumba has seen a recent flurry of property speculation as domestic and foreign investors buy up beach front acreage.

Travelling to the south coast of Sumba, students will carry out comparative analysis of local housing and tourist accommodation. Within this analysis, students are asked to identify traditional and contemporary building technologies informed by local climatic conditions, seasonal variation and natural resource.

The outcome of the studio is the familiarization of sustainable strategies for tourism development and experience working in a design research capacity with regional communities.

houses_bondokodi_sumbap47e9b65f75af9 sumba-map