Ireland Global Studio 2016 :

The first week of the Ireland Global Studio will be an intense charrette in Dublin working with industry leaders at a leading global design firm, MOLAarchitecture. During this week students will collaborate through design with interdisciplinary practitioners on a speculative project, attending meetings, and visiting job sites.

The second week of the studio involves design and production in the socially charged city of Belfast. First built in 1969, the Peace Wall is a border barrier between Irish and Unionist neighbourhoods to minimise intercommunal violence between Catholics and Protestants. Over five km long and eight meters tall, the Peace Wall is made of iron, brick, and/or steel. Some have gates in them that close entirely at night.

This studio is of particular relevance with the current migrant crisis in Central Europe. We will ask questions like, how do religious and political differences manifest themselves spatially? How do borders restrict, but also create liminality in the creation of local divisions of space?

Dates: July 10 – July 22
Studio Leader: Matthew Teismann