88621 : Global Studio Colombia _ DEC 2019
Bogota: The Public Interior ?

Leader: Christina Deluchi

Destination: Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota, the interior is not an individual experience confined to the domestic. Rather, the interior functions at the scale of the city and in multiple forms. It is founded on the collective experience of its urban context. With, fundamental social and cultural beliefs tied to Bogota’s architectural space, interior conditions function as the site for urban definition; it’s spatial effects produce an opposition between the “inside” and “outside” world.

Part research and part investigative journalism, in this global studio students will survey and document the boundaries and thresholds of Bogota’s key public arenas to unveil how their spatial systems operate across all scales of the urban realm. By questioning what is deemed “inside” or “outside”, students will connect the geographies of the city and map its architectures to reconstruct the city’s “public interior”.

**Due to the limited number of places (15), students will need to submit a 200 word expression of interest (EOI) by the 1st of April, 2019. This should outline why you wish travel to Colombia and highlight your interest in the studio brief. Successful EOI’s will be followed by an interview prior to confirmation of enrolment.

Approximate Travel Dates: Dec 2-13, 2019

Estimated Costs: Airfare approx. $2000, accommodation approx. $50-$80 per night (Airbnb