XXII La Triennale di Milano “BrokenNature: Design Takes on Human Survival”
1st March to 1st September 2019

UTS will present the Australian Pavilion for the XXII La Triennale di Milano “#BrokenNature: Design Takes on Human Survival” (1st March to 1st September 2019).

‘Teatro Della Terra Alienata’ responds to the recent mass coral bleaching events that rendered visible the plausible death of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and addresses the urgency raised by recent United Nations IPCC reports. The project presents the technologies in charge of monitoring and manicuring the GBR. It portrays the technological apparatus as a ‘theatre of distractions’ that conceals the biggest threats to the GBR’s survival: the global dependency on fossil fuels and unbridled growth, and the impacts of a local economy devoted to mining, fracking and intensive agriculture. The exhibition shifts the conversation away from the individual guilt -or the faith in quick technological fixes-, arguing that the most pressing matter regarding climate change is to find ways to effectively challenge the current deficit of imagination, or the inability to conceive alternative forms of living.

Instead of deploying the didactic, righteous strategies that are a standard fixture of climate change discussions, the pavilion indulges in counterfactual narratives, critical mythology and theatricality. Through a combination of audiovisual and radiographic material, the pavilion allows for an understanding of the inconsistency of the actual management of the problem of coral bleaching on the reef, and curates the voices and testimonies of scientists, artists, designers and thinkers.

Broken Nature


Instagram: teatro_della_terra_alienata