XX Chilean Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, in Valparaiso.
September 2017

Interior Architecture lecturers Gonzalo Valiente and Jorge Valiente, together with Amaia Sanchez Velasco (Lecturer at the School of Architecture) and Miguel Rodriguez-Casellas (architect, writer and educator) have presented the project Valparaiso Post-liberal as part of the special projects section at the XX Chilean Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, in Valparaiso.

The installation replicates the conditions of a hypothetic electoral process where 272 political proposals are subject to social scrutiny. The space stages a hybrid between a citizen mobilization and a clandestine nightclub, where the constitution of Valparaiso Post-liberal (parallel state, land-trust and brand) takes action.

Valparaiso Post-liberal proposes a new political subjectivity to boost the transition of Valparaiso from a touristic playground to a new paradigm of productive city, rebranded from the validation of excess, proliferation and desire.

Breaking down the superficiality of the stereotypical postcard of the city, our installation investigates interior atmospheres of the city while it denounces the failing UNESCO heritage policies. It vindicates the active presence of the undesired and displaced subjectivities that still give Valparaiso its seductive and bohemian character.