UTS Interior Architecture 2017 Honours Exhibition
Nine Houses for 2030

Nine Houses Against the Present

The Interior Architecture Honours degree is a research and design studio where a select group of students has spent ten months designing nine houses of the future; or rather ‘nine houses against the present.’ In her article ‘Unbreathed Air,’ Beatriz Colomina states that Alison and Peter Smithson’s 1956 ‘House of the Future,’ as opposed to foretelling the future, crystallized in domestic space the paranoias and aspirations of the post WW2 capitalist block. The 2017 honours cohort, when appropriating Colomina’s claim, has investigated current causes of collective discontent such as the reiterative financial crisis, global warmth and violent socio-cultural expulsions. Ultimately, each student has designed a “synecdoche-house of the future” – a domestic landscape imagined as a typological and technological assemblage of futures conceived to neutralize contemporary excesses of positivism.

The Interior Architecture Honours show invites visitors to participate in an atmospheric simulation of post-positivist futures foreseen through nine installations. Each one re-enacts a transformed house; they imagine marginal cultures co-owning full-automation, Sydney rebranded as the first ‘cosmopolitical domestic-city’ and the ‘independent republic of everyone’s house’ among six other provocations.

Student Cohort: Jasmine Ujmiaková, Zefen (Fendy) Zhuang, Gigi Li, Shiming (Teddy) Shi, Rosemary Fell, Hao (Otto) Ouyang, Tang (Joyce) Mengyun, Amy Su, Mariah Drakoulis, Yuanfu (Jason) Chen and Quidi (Elle) Fu.
Teaching team: Gonzalo Valiente (Honours Director), Carmen Blanco Romero (Design Leader), Ben Feher (tutor and software consultant), Brooke Zhang (expert fabrication consultant), Lilly Hodgson and Owen Cramp (catalogue design and graphic design consultants).
Special thanks to our Frequent Collaborators: Miguel Rodriguez Casellas, Amaia Sánchez Velasco, Christina Deluchi, Guillermo Fernández Abascal, Luke Tipene, Urtzi Grau and Jorge Valiente Oriol.