Embassy; the Performance of Diplomacy
Name: Embassy; the Performance of Diplomacy
Date: 16th of November
Venue: Central Park
Opening time: 6pm

The Interior and Spatial Design Graduation Studio for 2016, ‘Embassy: the Performance of Diplomacy’, explores four speculative models of the embassy to be deployed in Sydney. The 21st century has required the embassy to radically re-evaluate its key spatial requirements. The pragmatic utilities now incorporate new security measures and diplomatic spaces for new forms of political exchange. In adjacency, the embassy provides a representation of national identity that responds to increasingly globalized populations using contemporary communication technologies.

The embassy provides an active staging for civic interaction, government bureaucratic action and formal political negotiation – a performance of diplomacy. Moving from the threshold of the embassy gate to the specific seating arrangements of the chancellery, the embassy visitor engages with a highly designed series of intentionally politicised scenes. The spatial fabrication of the embassy is never innocent.




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