3rd Year Interior Architecture Exhibition
Friday 24th of November 6-8pm

The Third Year Interior and Spatial Design Graduation Studio is framed by Michel Foucault’s 1967 lecture, ‘Of Other Spaces’. In his address, Foucault explained the concept of a Heterotopia wherein moments of real places are embedded with utopian, or virtual, qualities which share and contest space. The simultaneity of the virtual and the real is investigated by the student cohort through the reconfiguration of five spatial programs sited within Sydney. It is the aim of the studio to interrogate the limits of spatial design. The projects aspire to transgress the idea of space as a quantifiable object and incite a virtuality of what it may represent beyond its architectural parameters.


The House Parliament overlays parliamentary architecture on the suburban spec home to facilitate petty politics at the scale of the cul-de-sac street; The Hybrid Circus employs the existing ship-building infrastructure of Cockatoo Island to construct new types of circus program and extravagant interior landscapes; The Fashion, Art and Cultural Centre injects ‘capital’ into the typologies of a gallery and fashion show (‘culture’) by connecting them with a shopping mall in the Domain Car Park; ResortLand re-imagines the Overseas Passenger Terminal as a self-contained touristic establishment that produces the ‘vacationer’s dream’ through deceptive architectural falsity; and finally, The Subterranean Bathhouse interrogates the underground spaces of Paddington Reservoir as an intervention into the site’s varied history as museological layers.