Global Studio Elective : Berlin : 88621 July 2017
Thea Brejzek & Christof Mayer of raumlaborberlin

led by Thea Brejzek (UTS) and Christof Meyer (raumlaborberlin)
Week 1: Bauhaus Dessau
Week 2: Berlin

This years global studio focuses on commons. The question deals with the relevance of the new commons. It is significant that sharing has become a term from the economic realm and the meaning of sharing has radically changed. We want to look if there are spheres beyond the market, which allow to shape our living environments. In doing so we focus on urban and spatial modells and scan basic conditions for commons and commoning.

Our point of departure is a project for a boarding house, which was designed by Walter Gropius as the German contribution for the Werkbund exhibition in Paris in 1930. It shows how he imagined the future of housing and the social changes that were to accompany it.

In collaboration with Bauhaus Open Studio Dessau, University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) and raumlaborberlin


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