Elective – 88619 : Advanced Analogue Model Making

“The reality of a space is brought to question when its attributes contradict conventional experience; for example, when a space or a place seems to be doubled or multiplied, when a place thus comes to act for another place, and the reality of both the original and replica looses credibility….. The space of a model always seems unreal, as it comprises …. time and space shifts; a model always points beyond its specific geographical and temporal coordinates to a different place and a different time. In the space of a model, here becomes there and now becomes then” 

Student will explore notions of place, scale and time in an intensive physical modelling workshop aimed to develop 3D CAD skills, digital fabrication and hand made modelling techniques. We will cover advanced 3D modelling techniques required to prepare model parts for digital fabrication. These processes will include, but are not limited to, CNC routing, 3D printing and laser cutting.


Topalovic, E 2011, `Models and Other Spaces, OASE #84 Models Maquettes, NAi Uitgevers, New York, pp. 37.

Image ref: OMA, Jussieu Library, http://www.slideshare.net/nicosia_urban_reserve/build-the-diagram

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