Elective: 86023
Light, Materials, and Form

Light, materials, form and space are the primary elements that create and define human environments and, through the manipulation and enhancement of these elements, the human experience can be guided, shifted and elevated. An understanding of how light interacts with materials to create atmosphere is a key skill needed by all spatial designers.

This subject has a strong emphasis on learning by having fun – playing and experimenting with light and materials.  These experiments are documented and shared with the class. We look at different methods of designing and communicating lighting design and explore different types of light sources and light modifiers in varying locations. We will be designing and installing lighting in real interiors as well as designing, making and installing illuminated objects for the Vivid lighting festival.

We research inspiring precedents of spaces using daylight to create atmosphere and record how daylight penetrates a scale model at different times of the day. Lighting design is both a science and an art, both intellectual and emotional. Come and play with light and materials.

vivid chanel daniella cp copy 2