Autumn Elective -86023: Light, New Materials and Form

An understanding of how light interacts with materials to create atmosphere is a key skill that all spatial designers need. Light, materials, form and space are the primary elements that create and define human environments and, through the manipulation and enhancement of these elements, the human experience can be shifted, elevated, orientated and guided. Students explore the effects that spatial and elemental forms, lighting, colour and materials can have on the experience and interpretation of an interior space. The subject encourages students to undertake creative investigation of the way emerging materials and systems, form-making and lighting can question the standard approaches to design outcomes.

The subject runs on Monday afternoons and has a big emphasis on learning by having fun playing and experimenting with light. There will be a choice of real projects with real clients based in Norfolk Island and Chippendale plus an opportunity to participate in Vivid.

Tutor: Michael Day

lighting 1 lighting 2