‘on atmosphere and emotive design’
86190 Special Industry Project 1 _ FEB 2019 Elective

‘on atmosphere and emotive design’

Dates 25 February to 8  March full-time commitment

Mode- intensive 2 weeks

In the framework of the newly formed IKEA x UTS future living lab, we are offering an IKEA sponsored intensive elective on atmosphere and emotive design to interior architecture and product design students.

The elective will engage with IKEA at a high level to push the boundaries of innovation through researching and implementing new design approaches to address unique Australian needs of domestic life, linked to atmospheric, multi-sensory and emotive design.

Students will be paired across the disciplines and for two weeks develop individual projects that fuse object and spatial design to create artefacts that will be included in an exhibition and catalogue to close the studio.

The Studio will be run by Dr Demet Dincer and Prof Lawrence Wallen and will include guests from IKEA throughout the whole process.

The elective is suitable for highly motivated students who have the time to dedicate to this two-week elective and are interested in collaborating in an interdisciplinary manner with an industry partner to produce high-level work for exhibition and publication.

Please contact Lawrence Wallen for more detail : Lawrence.Wallen@uts.edu.au