88626_Advanced CAD Intensive 2
1st-12th July Elective

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that is now commonplace in architectural practice, whilst Computational Design/ Visual Programming/ Algorithmic Modelling is fast becoming an integral part of the work flow of many innovative designers. This elective covers the fundamental principles of BIM using ARCHICAD through the digital recreation of classic works of architecture and provides a foundation to computational design thinking using GRASSHOPPER. Combined, these two methods of design production and exploration allow students to augment and amplify their abilities by harnessing the power of computers.

The elective 88626 will run for 2 weeks in July 2019.
1st – 12th July. (Monday/Wednesday/Friday | 9am – 12.30pm + 1pm – 3.30pm)

Submissions are to be uploaded two weeks after the last class. Due to fast paced lessons and a lot of content to cover, students will also need to work in their own time outside of class hours, hence the extra time to complete the assessments. Please note this if you are considering to travel around these dates.