86190: Special Project
What’s Missing in the Mall?

This studio elective introduces students to the wider conceptual framework of exhibition/event/spatial design as
intervention and prompt for social activation within the niche typology of the retail shopping centre. This is a highly
conceptual, multidisciplinary subject that brings students together to both identify and solve potential needs and
objectives through design speculation pertaining to – ‘What’s Missing in the Mall?’.

Working directly with Scentre Group (Westfield Shopping Centres), students will undertake a series of client briefing sessions, tutorials, site visits and assignments to explore the breadth of issues, skills and concerns that are involved in the practice of retail shopping centre design and the associated user experience. Areas of study include brief writing, design innovation across exhibition/event space, the retail shopping centre as social space and the collaborative design process.
A high level of competency in the visual communications areas of orthographic drawing and 3D representation is required.

Studio will conclude with an Awards evening at Scentre Group and one internship will be awarded to a successful candidate from the studio.

Selection Criteria_
This elective is open to 2nd + 3rd Year students in the Bachelor of Design [Interior Architecture] + the Bachelor of Design [Architecture]
Students interested in participating in the elective will need to send a 300 word description on why they are interested in challenging the current Shopping Centre typology and a 5 page portfolio of work (no more than 10MB) to_



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