86025_Interior Elements and Construction I
Int Arch. AUTUMN Elective 2019

This interdisciplinary elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail, documentation and 1:1 model building skills by working on a real life project with LOST IN BOOKS, a social-enterprise bookshop cafe in South West Sydney, as the client.

LOST IN BOOKS is a kids’ multilingual bookshop, café, safe space for women, creative learning centre, and language exchange hub. They are based in Fairfield, in south-western Sydney, Australia’s most culturally diverse community. LOST IN BOOKS seeks design solutions to tackle its engagement challenge. It operates in a low-socioeconomic context and seeks to influence poor transportation options for local residents and access to creative programming by increasing its outreach capacity.

Over the course of this semester, students will work on the design and detail of an outreach vehicle capable of meeting the changing demands of LOST IN BOOKS and the community it serves. Students will prototype solutions including furniture elements in the UTS studio and fabrication workshop. Students will be required to explore details through drawing and 1:1 scale model building with input from LOST IN BOOKS.

Ideally students will have been inducted to the UTS fabrication workshop before the elective commences.

AUT Semester 2019

Times:Mondays 9am-12pm

Subject coordinator:Monika Proepper