86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
AUT Semester 2017 - Monika Proepper

Times: Mo 9-12pm
Subject description:
The aim of this elective is to introduce students to the integration of
construction methods, materials, finishes and services into simple new
building structures and existing building fabrics.
Technical understanding is developed through the study and analysis of
typical details and precedents. The knowledge gained is applied and
extended by working on small projects supporting the connection between
detailing and design intent. Teaching sessions include presentations, field
trips, discussions and workshops.
Interior elements such as cabinetry and built-in furniture, electrical and
hydraulic services including their interface with the external building fabric
are studied, detailed and documented.
Students are introduced to scheduling and specification writing and learn to
produce detail drawings communicating the assembly of building
components and joinery elements to builders and fabricators in a contract
documentation context.
As part of the elective, students are visiting well-known architecture and
interior design offices where they have pre- arranged access to meet with
principles and project leaders.